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Harry Potter Press Junket

A few weeks ago I worked on the press junket for the new Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Usually what happens is that I am in a room with another cameraman, a room producer, and an audio person. There are two cameras; one camera shoots the actor (or director) and the other camera shoots the interviewer. Then we sit in a room for a long day and each interviewer gets less than five minutes to get out their questions. The actor just sits there and takes it. Most of the questions are the same. Usually there are over 75 interviewers per day.

This one was fairly different. We had Tom Felton, the actor that portrays Draco Malfoy, for the beginning half of the day. He was a great guy and really down to earth. We chatted in break periods and actually signed my wife’s copy of The Half Blood Prince.

Let me know what you think it says. I think it is, “Jennifer, Best Wishes, Luck & Love, Tom Felton.” Then there is some other stuff at the bottom. Maybe it’s some special witch stuff that I don’t understand.

Right before lunch we had the producers of the Harry Potter video game. The cool thing was they had two Wii stations set up so we could test out the game.

Then after lunch we had Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley. She had a very proper English accent that I don’t really remember from the films. Her accent is much different than Tom Felton’s accent.

This was a fairly tame press junket as opposed to others that I have worked on.
For a more interesting story check out my blog about the Iron Man Press Junket that I worked on:
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Next up, I’m working on the press junket for “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

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Kathleen Uhlmann - October 19, 2010 - 7:13 am

Hi there, just a quick note – I think his last comment on the book is “Malfoy” he was writing his characters name…. just my translation. If I’m right do I win a prize? LOL thanks for sharing on your blog!

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Quick Sneak Peek at Magnolia’s Pin Up Calendar

We’ve only just begun shooting for Magnolia’s Pin Up Calendar. I photographed the first three girls this week. I thought this head shot of Rachel came out so well that I wanted to give you a taste of what the rest of the calendar is going to look like. Stay tuned… the calendar should be available by early fall.

Make sure to stop by the Magnolia’s Vineyard Restaurant website.

Also, Kim just started using Twitter.
Follow her for all the events and bands at Magnolia’s:

Jessica & Nick Engagement Photos

I met another great couple that took advantage of the business relationship I have with Sarah at Northampton Coin & Jewelry. When a couple buys an engagement ring from Sarah, I waive my sitting fee for their engagement session.

Nick and Jessica were an adorable, loving couple. We met on a day right before it rained. It seems to rain a lot in Pennsylvania this year. 🙂 Palmerton Park was a great location to have a little photographic fun.

Be sure to visit Sarah at Northampton Coin and Jewelry, for your engagement and any other jewelry needs.

Night Barbers Podcast and my Commercial

My good friends at The Night Barbers promoted me on their latest podcast. The host, Tommy, and I have worked for years freelancing in video production and events.

Here is a clip of the commercial:

You should check out their podcast at:
The Night Barbers – http://nightbarbers.com/


Here is what they are all about:
“In a world overcome with stupidity, emerges 5 Jersey boys committed to finding humor in “Strange but True” stories from around the globe. Night Barbers take a comical perspective on the how and why people do such amazingly dumb things. Verbal assaults target not only the dim-witted stars of the headlines, but are often re-directed at the Night Barbers cast themselves. All political correctness is tossed aside. Everyone is fair game. In simple terms, the show is funny, so shut your mouth and open your mind.”

The podcasts are really funny, but not for everyone. If you are easily offended, please do not listen!

Lehigh Valley Tweetup Photos at the Bethlehem Brew Works

Ok… this sounds really nerdy… Last night I went to the Bethlehem Brew Works to meet a bunch of people that I didn’t know. I only know them from twitter. It sounds weird, but we all had a great time and I met a bunch of really interesting people.

To follow the Lehigh Valley Tweetup and find out when the next get together is, follow this link:

Click on this link to follow the Brew Works:

Click here to follow me on twitter:

Welcoming everyone is @mandreano & @lvscene listening in the background:

@LVRollergirls & @AnitaAlimony taking pictures:

One of the roller girls gave my LVTweetup mug the finger and hanging out is @iamthegreek



@LizzAU and @LVRollergirls

Check out the Bethlehem Brew Works at: www.TheBrewWorks.com

@lvscene - June 25, 2009 - 10:43 am

Love the pics! Good stuff.

Javajem - June 25, 2009 - 7:35 pm

So much fun!

Awesome pics as usual 🙂

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