My Photo Diary from 2009

Some photographers do a Project 365 where they take a photo a day and post them in a blog or someplace else. Some photographers have photo journals on sites such as Flickr.
I spend a lot of my time with my professional cameras taking a lot of pictures for clients, family and for my self.
When I need a quick snap shot of something, I use my crappy cell phone camera.
Here is a video of a collection of images I shot with my crappy cell phone camera from the middle of 2009 to the end.
It’s my goofy photo diary; I hope you enjoy it.

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Donna Hosfeld - June 8, 2010 - 2:15 pm

Chris…I’m truly honored to be among the photos of your precious beauties…I gotta say, every time I see your family, I know you’re a very lucky guy. Sweethearts. Great shots. Even on a cell, LOL. I totally forgot about the day you sent me that pic!

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