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My friends and neighbors Bridget & Shawn Huzar worked and consulted on the pilot episode of A&E’s Fix This Yard. They had a little premier party at their house this morning.

One of a series of head shots that I photographed for Bridget when she auditioned for the show

Another head shot

A screen capture from a Fix This Yard episode of Shawn Huzar

Here is an article from the Morning Call’s TV Watchers Blog:

Emmaus garden designer helps launch new A&E show
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Posted by Kathy Lauer-Williams at 10:12:22 AM on April 9, 2010

Huzar An Emmaus freelance garden designer known for her personalized designs is the behind the scenes inspiration instrumental for the new A&E series “Fix This Yard.”

Although her work is featured only in one episode, Bridget Huzar was tapped as the “off-camera” designer and expert consultant for the pilot of “Fix This Yard,” which airs at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Huzar wrote the script and advised co-host Amy Devers on garden design as she and Alan Luxmore helped makeover a Bala Cynwyd garden using several Lehigh Valley landscape businesses that appear on camera.

Huzar originally went to producer Nancy Glass’ studios in Bala Cynwyd to audition for the host of the new show after seeing an open casting call. Although she wasn’t chosen as the host, Huzar was asked to design the pilot and come up with script. Devers, a former host for DIY was picked to host.

“She basically plays me,” says Huzar, who doesn’t appear on camera. “I met with the hosts to explain the design and was there, on-site to coach them on correct terminology and methods, so the show felt authentic.”

Huzar says she was asked to pick from two homes near Philadelphia for the pilot. She interviewed the homeowners, did site analysis and conceptual design for both. After choosing the house, she did a final design picking all the plants, hardscaping, pots and water features and gave estimates for the materials and the estimated time to complete the job.

“The home was a craftsman in disguise,” she says. “It was an incredible transformation. It went from completely overgrown to winning an award for being one of the best gardens in Bala Cynwyd.”

During the project, Huzar used material from C&K’s Unique Garden Center in Quakertown and Lehigh Valley Home and Garden Center in Allentown. She brought in Mike French of French Gardens in Center Valley to install the garden.

“They are known for incredible attention to detail and experience in high quality installations,” she says.

Huzar oversaw all installation and did the staging of the furniture and decor. She also designed and created artwork for a children’s garden.”

The pilot was picked up by A&E, and Huzar was asked to continue as design consultant but she would’ve had to go to Los Angeles, so she declined.

She says they producers told her if the show is picked up for a second season they will shoot episodes in the Philadelphia area.

“It was insane,” Huzar says. “It was really short time frame and no money, but it was such a great experience.”

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