January & February 2010 Lehigh Valley Tweetups

The January Lehigh Valley Tweetup was held at The Bookstore in Bethlehem, PA. I got there late, so I only had a chance to hang out with a few people. I was going to leave, but @Glennard turned out to be a beer aficionado and told me what to drink all night. We stayed until closing. The bookstore is a really interesting place. The owners (who also own the Tap & Table in Emmaus, PA) call it a speak easy. The door is hard to find… I actually drove past it a few times. It’s easier to find it on foot. There is a nondescript door that just reads “Bookstore.” Once you walk in, it looks like a tiny bookstore until you walk into the back. It’s all candle lit and has a great atmosphere. The beer selection is amazing. Like most of the Tweetups, I try to do something different with my camera. So this time I decided not to use my flash since The Bookstore is such a mellow place. I really pushed my camera because the bar is complete lit by candlelight. I forget what Glen suggested I drink, so I took some pictures of the bottles. Check out Glen’s website, Covering Art, Entertainment, and Dining around the Lehigh Valley and Beyond: The El Vee

February’s Lehigh Valley Tweetup was at Starfish Brasserie in Bethelehem.
I met Kristofor Sandholm, owner & head chef, early and he let me set up my gear where is wouldn’t be knocked over. He opened his whole restaurant to us, but I knew with this crowd that we would all stay at the bar. The bartenders and the servers at the Star Bar were awesome!

Usually at the Tweetups I spend a lot of my time taking pictures and I don’t get to mingle as much as I would want. I tried something different this time. I just bought an iPod touch and am in love with it. The night of the Tweetup I found an application that lets me interface the iPod touch with my MacBook Pro which in turn controls my Canon 5D digital SLR. The program is called DSLR Camera Remote by onOne Software. I’m still playing with it, but it allows you to change all your camera’s setting from the iPod Touch (or iPhone) and fire the shutter. It also has a intervalometer for taking time lapse pictures. I had fun taking pictures from across the room and away from my camera. I set the focus and exposure for the center of the room, so if people got too close the foreground was overexposed and out of focus. A few of the images are good, but I think this video makes up for the bad images.

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The video is fantastic!

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