• Christopher Elston Photography & Video Production

    Christopher Elston Photography and Video Production
    I am a portrait, event, corporate photographer and a video producer based in the Lehigh Valley, PA. 
    Frequently I work in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey. And, of course, I travel the country, too.

    Please contact me with any questions.

Multi Tarp Video Commercial

I produced a couple of video commercials for my friends at Multi Tarp.

The 6×8 Multi Tarp is a durable utility tarp used by landscape professionals.

* PVC Coated Mesh Tarp
* Strong handles for lifting
* Snaps for wrapping
* Built in nylon ropes for cinching
* Large Grommets for securing

The first video is a minute long commercial and the second video is a longer commercial that can be played on a loop for use in a booth at a landscaping expo.

Please contact me if you are interested in having me produce a video for your company or product.

Happy Halloween & Watch our Zombie movie!

I had the great pleasure of working with my friends at FireRock Productions on the 48 Hour Film Project in New York City this year.
It is a film contest where we get our theme and required lines, props and characters on Friday and we need to write, produce, shoot, edit and deliver by Sunday afternoon. Our topic was Zombies and we decided to have a little fun. Look for me as Cam Dean the Advertising Executive.

BRAINS! – A 48 Hour Film Project (New York) from FireRock Productions on Vimeo.

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2013! (www.48HourFilm.com)

Genre: Wild Card #2 – Zombie
Required Character: Cam/Cat Dean, Ad Executive
Required Prop: Trophy
Required Line: "When do you expect her?"

Zink Star - November 4, 2013 - 6:44 pm

loved it but a bit gory at the end!!! great work!!!

Christopher Elston - December 20, 2013 - 8:32 pm


EDUtainment: Entertainment in the K-12 Classroom by Bryan D. Svencer

I had the pleasure of photographing Bryan’s wedding a few years ago and now that he is a teacher in my daughters’ elementary school I had the pleasure of photographing his book cover. He is a great teacher and a great guy. Lincoln Elementary is lucky to have a teacher like this.
Check out the trailer to his book.

Bryan’s book cover portrait by me:
EDUtainment _Entertainment in the K-12 Classroom

More information about the book:
EDUtainment [ed·u·tain·ment] (n):
1 the byproduct of simultaneously educating and entertaining a student
2 an entertaining incentive that occurs in an educational setting
3 a philosophy and/or way of thinking that merges entertainment and education

EDUtainment, by teacher, Bryan D. Svencer, may be the answer for teachers looking to breathe new life into their classrooms. EDUtainment is a fun and cutting-edge teaching philosophy that showcases seventeen dynamic teaching strategies and tempting incentives paired with engaging memoirs and practical suggestions. With chapter titles like “Funkadelic Athletic Swag,” “DiscoSnack,” and “Karaoke Choreography,” any reader is sure to be left EDUtained! It’s a fresh, modern perspective on teaching in today’s classroom.

* Paperback | Kindle Edition: http://amzn.com/1479244678
* NOOK Book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/edutainment-bryan-svencer/1113881164?ean=2940015825183

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